Senior Engineer – DevOps


Location: India

We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer with 4+ years of experience, to join our DevOps and Automation team. As an integral part of the development process, our DevOps and automation team has a diverse set of responsibilities from creating and managing Infrastructure pipelines, building automation testing frameworks, creating data pipelines, doing stateful analysis of logs, and creating an observability platform. Ideal candidates should be self-driven and understand the need for DevOps.


Job Responsibilities

  • Building CI/CD pipelines, 
  • immutable infrastructure pipelines, 
  • pipeline to build container images, 
  • creating platform for monitoring, logging, and visualizing different metrics.
  • Automating different day-to-day tasks and writing test cases for IAC (Infra as code).
  • Writing Python code development, testing, and deployment workflow.


Highly Desirable Requirements

  • Amazon Web Services (Any Cloud)
  • Terraform / CloudFormation
  • Kubernetes/EKS/Docker
  • Vault / Consul
  • Datadog / Prometheus / New Relic
  • Grafana/ Kibana (Any visualization with Elasticsearch as backend)
  • Python
  • MySQL / Elasticsearch / DynamoDB
  • Jenkins / Gitlab-CI
  • Git
  • Networking & Linux