Self-Backhauling 5G Network Equipment for
mmWave Spectrum

Enabling Gigabit
5G Everywhere

Generating New Revenue Streams
for Service Providers

Ground-Breaking Radio Access Network Solution for mmWave 5G

Verana Networks builds the industry’s first 5G Radio Access Network solution for millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum with multi-hop self-backhauling capability. By eliminating the need to bring fiber or wireless backhaul to every new cell site, Verana enables its customers to rapidly offer gigabit 5G services in abundant and inexpensive mmWave spectrum.

First with Multi-Hop Self-Backhauling

Verana’s purpose-built 5G small cells, called Mesh Radios, provide 5G service to end-user devices and wireless backhaul to other Mesh Radios. A wirelessly backhauled Mesh Radio can do the same, creating a multi-hop network. Compliant with applicable 3GPP specifications, Verana products include several innovations that are essential for preserving network capacity, minimizing latency, and maximizing coverage, of self-backhauling networks.

Calling Mobile Operators and Internet Service Providers!

mmWave 5G is the first standards-based technology that enables fixed wireless access (FWA) with speeds and latency comparable to fiber. Verana’s solution makes it possible to build mmWave 5G networks cost-effectively, at a lower cost per household passed than FTTH. And that’s not all. Verana’s mmWave 5G network can be integrated with a low or mid-band 5G network to massively increase capacity for mobile devices.

Private 5G Networks, Specialized Networks, and More

Do you have an application that requires super-fast, low-latency, wireless links, operating in a dynamic network topology? Whether it is a wireless backbone network for IoT in a factory, a rapidly deployable battlefield network, or 5G service from drones and high-altitude pseudo satellites, we are happy to explore if our multi-hop self-backhauling technology can address your business problem.


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