5G Network Equipment for
mmWave Spectrum

Enabling Gigabit
5G Everywhere

Generating New Revenue Streams
for Service Providers

Verana Networks is building an innovative 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) solution for service providers that have licensed millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum.

We are focused on enabling 5G in mmWave spectrum because that is where the largest amount of new spectrum is. For 5G to succeed, it must deliver a 10X-50X increase in speed and capacity. Blazing fast speed and a massive increase in capacity enable new applications, these new applications create incremental revenue, and incremental revenue is essential to support the business case for 5G.



Verana Networks was founded in 2019 by Vedat Eyuboglu and Amit Jain, startup executives with a track record of bringing innovative radio access network products to market, from the world’s first all-IP 3G base stations to pioneering 3G and 4G small cell solutions. These products were adopted and deployed by some of the largest service providers in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Japan.

Vedat Eyuboglu

Vedat Eyuboglu is the Chief Executive Officer of Verana Networks. Prior to founding Verana Networks, Vedat was co-founder, CTO, and Director of Airvana (IPO 2007), a leader in 3G macro cellular network technology and 3G/4G small cells, and VP/GM at Motorola’s Internet and Networking Group.

Amit Jain

Amit Jain is the Chief Commercial Officer of Verana Networks. Prior to founding Verana Networks, Amit was VP, Product Management at SpiderCloud Wireless, a leader in 3G/LTE enterprise small cell systems, and held several roles at Airvana including VP, Sales, Marketing and Product Management.

Sundar Sankaran

Sundar Sankaran is the Vice President of Engineering at Verana Networks. Prior to joining Verana Networks, Sundar was VP, Engineering for Access Point HW and SW at CommScope’s Ruckus business unit, and held several roles at Qualcomm Atheros, including Senior Director of Technology.


Santo Politi

Santo Politi is co-founder and General Partner at Spark Capital. He led Spark Capital’s investments in Adap.TV (AOL), Admeld (Google), CT-100/CNET (CBS), IPWireless (General Dynamics), KickApps (KIT Digital), Lexity (Yahoo), Oculus (Facebook) and OneRiot (Walmart). Santo holds an M.B.A. in Finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from NJIT and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Physics from Bogazici University.

Cheng Wu

Cheng is a successful serial entrepreneur, having founded and led numerous businesses in networking, communications and wireless video. He was founder of Arris Networks (Cascade Communications, 1996), ArrowPoint Communications (IPO, acquired by Cisco, 2000), Acopia Networks (F5 Networks) and Azuki Systems (Ericsson, 2014). Cheng is currently a General Partner at Taiwania Capital.


We are rapidly expanding our team in the Greater Boston area and in Bangalore.