5G will provide gigabit wireless connectivity to billions of people and machines and change the way we live, work and play. Mobile operators are racing to build these networks. According to the GSMA, between 2020 and 2025 inclusive, mobile operators across the world will spend $1.1 trillion on capex, with more than three quarters of that 5G-related. If you have expertise in building wireless networking products, you should be working on 5G!

Verana Networks offers an opportunity like no other. We build radio access network equipment that enables our customers to build the capacity layer of 5G. We are working on every aspect of building and delivering this solution – hardware, software, quality assurance, manufacturing, sales and support. Members of our team have successfully built and shipped several innovative RAN products for major operators over the last two decades. We understand what it takes to build a RAN product, and we are assembling a world-class team to make it happen. Want to join us?



“Verana offers an amazing work environment – collaborative, close-knit, open and transparent, and I love having the autonomy to select the best technical solution to solve the problem at hand.” 

– Arvind (joined Verana Networks in January 2021)

“Time flies when you are having fun! Joining Verana has been my best career move. I really enjoy the company’s collaborative culture, its emphasis on logical planning over hasty shortcuts, and its open design discussions. It is a great place to work, learn and grow.”

– Anu (joined Verana Networks in July 2020)

“Verana has provided me with an opportunity to work with colleagues that are highly experienced and extremely supportive. I am able to balance work and life, to strengthen my technical and interpersonal skills, and to have a meaningful impact on the company’s products.”

– Arpit (joined Verana Networks in October 2020)

Anil Bapat

Brian Johnson


Wireless PHY Layer R&D Engineer
Location: USA

System Integration and Test Engineer
Location: USA


Lead and Principal Engineers for 5G Layer 2(MAC, RLC and PDCP)
Location: India

Principal Engineer – 5G L3 gNB (CU and DU) Software Development
Location: India

5G L3(NAS and RRC) Software Development
Location: India

Senior Systems Engineer
Location: India

5G RAN QA testing professionals
Location:  India

Wireless PHY Layer R&D Engineer
Location: India